Implementation standards

PREPSEC recommended Levels of facilitating the program 


PREPSEC International is concerned with establishing training and implementation standards for the different programs.  Like Goldstein`s recommendation PREPSEC does not wish to limit the use of the program through licenses, but in order to secure proper dissemination and training standards the organization will recommend that the implementation recommendations are followed.  The program developer has a responsibility to establish guidelines for how to disseminate and implement the program, but this document outlines some common recommendation and definitions to be considered.   You will find specific guidelines for dissemination, trainer education and implementation for each of the PREPSEC programs under the headline of the different programs.


Program developer(s)/author(s)


The Program developer is normally the first author of a specific program, owns the program and has all rights reserved.  That involves:



  • Full approval/denial discretion in the following areas:
    • changes and/or adaptations to the program
    • development of trainer and trainer of  trainers education requirements
    • development of program implementation standards
    • dissemination of the program
    • appointment and approval of national mentors



National mentor


A national mentor is given responsibility by the program developer (s) author(s) to dissemintate the program with the following roles and considerations: a


  • He/she is appointed by program developer(s)/author(s) and remains in ongoing contact.
  • He/she answers to the program developer(s)/author(s) in all areas in which the developers/authors hold full discretion
  • Is mentoring the program and its dissemination at a national or state/regional level and/or specified implementation areas
  • Is also expected to contribute to program research and evaluation efforts, and have a formal contact with a research or educational institution
  • A mentor has a thorough understanding of the program and its theoretical underpinnings as well as extended practical experience with the program



Master trainer (Trainer of trainers)


  • Appointed by cooperative consultation mutual agreement with program developer(s)/author(s) in consultation with mentor(s).
  • Is expected to train trainers in the specific program and provide supervision of their program implementation
  • Continuing program education and evaluation of program coordinators and trainers
  • Has a understanding of the program and its theoretical underpinnings as well as extended practical experience with the program



Program coordinator


  • Responsible for program quality assurance and evaluation within an organizational and individual (trainee) level
  • Program operative responsibility on a daily basis
  • Practical and theoretical program knowledge
  • Ability to keep up program motivation, enthusiasm and responsibility





  • Responsible for program delivery to trainees
  • Has received required practical and theoretical program education ( ex SPT=3 days )
  • Ability to adhere to program delivery standards



Facilitator / Generalization coach


  • Responsibility to facilitate use and generalization of trainee skills
  • Has received required practical and theoretical program introduction
  • Ability to be a role model and motivate trainees’ skill practice



Model program organization


  • An organization that meets the program implementation requirements that are specified by the program developer(s)/author(s)
  • Can be nominated by a national mentor in consultation with program developer(s)/ author(s)